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FREE UPDATE! Anchor Yale Bible Commentary – Judges 1-12

| [email protected]

We just added Judges 1-12 as a free update to all who bought or upgraded to the OT set a few weeks ago, so we decided to offer the same amazing prices for one more week. The critically acclaimed Anchor Yale Bible Commentary now includes Joshua 1-12 by Thomas B. Dozeman (2015) Judges 1-12 by […]

Bible Software

NEW! Trent Butler's Judges (Word Biblical Commentary)

| Richard Mansfield

The Old Testament Book of Judges is known for its cycle of sin, oppression, and deliverance. When the people cry out to God, he sends them a judge to rescue them from their oppressors. Although we don’t believe any sin has been involved, we have definitely heard our users crying out for Trent Butler’s Word […]

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