The end of 2021 saw an update to our Targums WordMap to cover the entire Torah. Unique to Accordance Bible Software, the Targums Wordmap database links every equivalent word in the Hebrew Torah and all its Targums. It is the product of the Equivalent Project—a research initiative headed by Dr. Leeor Gottlieb of Bar-Ilan University—which strives to identify and link the contents of ancient biblical translations back to their equivalents in the Hebrew Bible, thus creating a comprehensive synopsis and thesaurus of equivalents of the ancient translations of the Bible.

Recently, Dr. Gottlieb joined us in an Accordance Webinar to deliver a free hour-long session on how to use the Targums WordMap in Accordance. He demonstrated three powerful features of the Targums WordMap:

  1. The Alignment Pane 
  2. The Analysis Window as a Thesaurus of Equivalents 
  3. Cross-Textual Searches 

Dr. Gottlieb showed how these exciting features help you make the most of the Hebrew Bible and its Aramaic Targums in Accordance and usher in a new way to engage these texts.