Scholars Recommend Accordance:

I use Accordance every day. In my opinion, it is the best electronic concordance for biblical Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic, in addition to Hellenistic Greek (Philo, Pseudepigrapha, and Josephus). The different kinds of word searches one can do on Accordance is truly amazing. For example, if one is interested in the NT use of the OT, there are kinds of searches (e.g., the “Infer” search option) that give one the ability to discover new OT allusions in the NT. Also, the sources available for the Greek OT are outstanding. I recommend that all my students buy Accordance.”

G. K. Beale, Professor of New Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas

The more I use my Accordance Bible software, the more thankful I am to have it. The tutorials in the software are so helpful! Thankful!

Dr. Jarvis J. Williams, Associate Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (via Twitter)

Accordance is an outstanding program that is easy to learn yet has a multitude of advanced features. It is excellent for basic Bible reading, consulting original language texts with a host of ready lexical and grammatical aids, comparing different Bible versions, accessing additional information with a single click, notetaking, and conducting sophisticated syntactical searches. It is reasonably priced with a good variety of collections and a wide range of other resources that can be added. Accordance is a great biblical studies tool for beginners and serious scholars alike.

Dr. Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman, Professor of Biblical Studies at United Lutheran Seminary

I have been using electronic Bible programs in ministry, teaching, research, and debate, since they first appeared. And nothing comes close to Accordance Bible Software for ease of use, depth of information, and facility in teaching.

Dr. James White,  Alpha & Omega Ministries/Grace Bible Theological Seminary

Accordance Bible Software is indispensable in my scholarship and in the classroom. Its library of first rate scholarly resources is unparalleled. Its interface is intuitive, making it easy for my students to engage meaningfully with original languages with minimal effort. A single class presentation with it is transformative.

The Rev. Wil Gafney, Ph.D, Brite Divinity School

Clergy Recommend Accordance:

I have been using Accordance for too many years to count. The reasons I love it are the speed with which it works, the ubiquity (MacOs, Windows, iOS, & Android natively), and most importantly, the customer service (I have never had a company take such great care of me as a customer!!)

Tim Hall, Pastor and DMin Student

Why Accordance? Two words, “Original Languages”. Nothing else, for speed, ease of use, and elegance comes close.

Accordance User, Pastor Jonathan

Accordance Bible Software is both incredibly powerful and incredibly easy to use. It is the perfect Bible study companion.

Accordance Super User & Pastor, Dr. Joe Weaks

Teachers Recommend Accordance:

Why do I so love and advocate for Accordance Bible Software? Five reasons immediately come to mind: (1) The company strives for quality and quality control in all that they do; (2) They prioritize developing resources for academics; (3) They prioritize original language resources and tagged texts; (4) The program is fast even on machines that are several years old; and (5) The employees and developers are enthusiastic users of the program, too. This combination of characteristics and priorities makes a huge difference!

Brian W. Davidson, Latin & Greek Teacher

Users Recommend Accordance:

The user interface, with its menus, buttons, fields, and tabs is superb and intuitive, built for efficiency and for having options and adjustments to it directly available. The digital format of books and references is superior to anything, and the usability of what one has or adds gets multiplied. Where one has great expectations wanting to buy more, the routine is hassle-free and the company from time to time introduces state of the art new products.

Accordance User, Unix Cyklist

I only expect great things from great products. Accordance is one of them.

Accordance User, Michel Gilbert

Using Accordance has been a night and day difference for my personal Bible study, theological research, and how I teach my students the biblical texts. I could not recommend the program higher to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the Bible or is involved in highly technical research of the original languages.

Accordance User, Kristen

I can study passages in multiple translations side by side so very easily. I can take notes on those passages and save information on the passages from commentaries and other sources right on the same “screen.”

Accordance User, Randy Cue

Even as a relatively new user (I just started using Accordance a little over a year ago), I have been impressed by how powerful the software is, yet with such a mild learning curve. Accordance makes frequent biblical study a breeze, offering a fantastic array of resources and features which simplify what might otherwise be exhausting tasks.

I’ll highlight one of my favorites: The extensive link tags in commentaries and books allow for instant referral not only to biblical and apocryphal texts, but also to pseudepigraphal texts, the Qur’an, Josephus, Herodotus, Aristotle, assorted lexica, grammars, and others—without you having to dig through the chapters! Accordance also allows users to create user tools…and stock them full of links, too!

More importantly, the Accordance Dev team is always on top of things: They respond to reported issues quickly and they skillfully balance cutting-edge feature implementation with compatibility for long-standing modules.

Accordance User, Andrew Patterson