We are proud to announce the release of The Collected Works of John M. Frame, Volume I: Theology. The following are included in Volume I: Theology:

The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God
The Doctrine of God (2003 ECPA Gold Medallion Award for Theology and Doctrine)
Salvation Belongs to the Lord
No Other God: A Response to Open Theism
Perspectives on the Word of God
The Amsterdam Philosophy



Also, lecture outlines and study questions for Doctrine of the Knowledge of God (Apologetics), Doctrine of God (ST I), and other courses taught by Dr. Frame.

Plus, over 30 years of journal articles, book reviews, sermons, and short studies on various theological topics. The shorter writings are arranged by sub-category, and sorted in chronological order of publication.

All of the works are tagged with links to each other (and other articles and tools available in Accordance), making navigation from one work to the other seamless. This is where all of our work on this project really shines through. As a former student of Dr. Frame, I tried to imagine what would make class and study of his works more streamlined. For example, in the Lecture Outline for Doctrine of God, we’ve added links to each of the chapters. In the Study Questions for Doctrine of God, we added links to the specific page numbers where the answers are found. In addition, there are links to the various confessions and catechisms, dictionaries, theological works, websites and journals that Frame cites, or which also contain his works. Below are a series of images which represent this…
Lecture Links Frame - Question 1 Frame - Question 2 Frame - Grudem Frame - Grudem 2
Frame’s Collected Works for Accordance not only give you time-saving access to these great resources, but also take you on a journey through the academic and pastoral career of one of today’s leading Reformed theologians.

For those interested in audio by Dr. Frame, iTunes U has 86 hours of Dr. Frame’s course lectures available for free.

The Accordance edition of Frame’s Collected Works costs just $128 and can be ordered here. Best of all, you can download it immediately, so there’s no need to wait for physical media to ship.