Over the weekend we released the newest key number tagged-text in our arsenal, the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSBS). With this release, we now offer seven key number texts; the greatest number offered by any Bible software company.

The HCSBS key number tagging was completed by its publisher, but optimized for use within Accordance to take advantage of Key Number highlighting with original language texts, and amplification to our dictionaries via triple-clicking. This text reflects the most recent revisions made by the translation committee, which are not yet available in the majority of print versions, making this the most up-to-date digital edition of the Holman CSB.

If you already have the HCSB in Accordance you should have noticed that we released an update to this as well, along with the Notes and Bullets. The most noticeable update to the notes is the addition of the pericope headings included in the text.

HCSBS screenshot


The ease of searching by key number, and displaying the text in parallel with your favorite translation or commentary will make this a popular choice for many. Pair this with a tagged original language text such as the Greek New Testament or Hebrew Bible to create a combination that far outweighs any interlinear available.

Instead of going into detail on how you can take advantage of the many benefits of a key number text such as the HCSBS, I will refer you to one of our recent podcasts on this exact topic.

For more information on the Holman CSB, see this article. Also, hot off the press is a blog post on This Lamp by Rick Mansfield with some highlights on the updates to the text of the HCSB.