When you’re looking at a string of hypertexted Scripture links in a tool, such as a series of cross references to a verse, you can preview each link in the Instant Details box simply by dragging your cursor over the link. You can also click each link to view it in a separate window or tab. But what if you want to view all those passages at one time?

There are actually two ways to do this. You can select more than one Scripture link to view by starting your selection in the middle of the first link and ending your selection in the middle of the last link. As soon as you release the mouse button to finish your selection, all of the selected Scripture references will appear in a single Text window.

If you want to view all the hypertexted Scripture links in an entire paragraph, simply hold down the command key while clicking any of the links. Once again, all the verses listed in the paragraph will be opened in a single text window.

For example, let’s say you’re looking at a particular usage of a Greek verb in BDAG. The paragraph describing that usage contains a series of Scripture references illustrating that usage. Command-click any one of them, and you’ll instantly be able to see all of them.