Earlier this week, we launced both the original four-volume edition of Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics for the Accordance Library, as well as a one-volume abridged edtion. Maybe you bought one or the other but figured you didn’t need both additions.

Nevertheless, there might be good reason to consider buying both editions. Our developers have actually designed the two differerent editions to work together. Think of the abridged version as the one that’s more accessible, the volume that more easily allows you to get a handle on Bavinck’s thoughts on a particular subject.

If you notice, there are numbers at the beginning of certain paragraphs in the abridged edition, such as the number 351 in the example below:

Bavinck abridged

If you click on that number, and assuming you have both the full and abridged editions installed in your Accordance Library, the full four-volume edition will launch, taking you to that very section in the larger treatment:

Bavinck 4 volSo think of the abridged version as the quick introduction to Bavinck’s theology that can lead, if necessary to his longer treatment of the same subject. Sometimes a quick overview is fine; but other times, a greater treatment is necesssary!

Reformed Dogmatics (4 Volumes)

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Reformed Dogmatics (Abridged in One Volume)
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