Harold Willmington We were saddened to learn last week that Dr. Harold Willmington, the longest-serving faculty member at Liberty University, passed away on October 15. Dr. Willmington taught nearly half a century at Liberty. His popularity as a teacher of the Scriptures led to his nickname, “Mr. Bible.”

We already had two works by Harold Willmington planned for release this week when we heard of his passing at the age of 86. Willmington’s Guide to the Bible (30th Anniversary Edition) has been a mainstay for over three decades on the desks of Bible preachers and teachers, and even on quite a few coffee tables! The Outline Bible is an extremely detailed outline covering both Old and New Testament with comments and teaching points. Both are available for the Accordance Bible Software Library beginning today.

Willmington’s Guide to the Bible

Willmington's Guide cover 3D Willmington’s Guide to the Bible first appeared on my radar when I was on a church staff back in the 1990s. I asked one of our Sunday School teachers to describe how he prepared his lessons. He told me he always started with Willmington’s Guide to the Bible. I admitted to him that I wasn’t familiar with this resource, so he brought it to church to show me. Almost instantly, after flipping through a few pages, I was amazed at how much content was covered in this rather large one-volume resource. As I mentioned above, the print version of Willmington’s Guide to the Bible has often found a place on coffee tables for quick reference when questions about the Bible arise!

In this in-depth resource (now with 25% more content in the 30th Anniversary Edition), Willmington takes the reader from cover to cover of the Bible—multiple times! Get an overview of the Bible chronologically, theologically, typologically, topically, by key figures, and so much more. Willmington includes multiple sections covering questions and answers about the Bible. There are seemingly endless interesting tidbits. Want to know the most quoted Old Testament books in the New Testament? It’s here as is a wealth of other statistics about the Bible. In fact, as I was looking at the section on statistics (and I admit I double-checked some of it but Willmington was right every time!), I marveled to think that this book was first written before the advent of Bible software like Accordance. Now in a completely revised edition, the entire book testifies to Willmington’s breadth of knowledge about the Bible as well as his diligent research.

The print version of Willmington’s Guide to the Bible is over 1200 pages in length and weighs almost 6 pounds—definitely not the kind of book you’re going to carry around with you too much. Unless, of course, you have the Accordance version! This incredible resource to the Bible, usually confined to desks, bookshelves, or coffee tables won’t make your smartphone or tablet any heavier, but it will definitely add weight to your discussions as a quick reference or study guide on the go.

Willmington Guide Android tablet

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Willmington’s Outline Bible

The Outline Bible 3D If you already find Willmington’s Guide to the Bible to be an indispensable resource for preaching and teaching, you will certainly want to add The Outline Bible to your Accordance Library. The publisher claims that this reference work is “the most comprehensive set of Bible outlines available today.” After spending some time with this work, I believe that claim is no exaggeration!

In print, this work is nearly 800 pages outlining the entire Bible. Often, there is more than one outline for a passage because Willmington offers separate outlines drawing the reader in from a broad perspective to one more detailed. He will begin with a preview, then offer an overview, and finally deliver a detailed breakdown of chapter and verse. Subtopics use parallel phrasing and alliteration, which make this an ideal tool for preaching or memorization. Although not a commentary, Willmington does offer concise statements about each section. These statements are not dry summaries; but rather, Willmington’s personality comes through time and time again, offering the impression that he is right next to you, guiding you through the passage.

Like Willmington’s Guide to the Bible, you will discover that The Outline Bible is a perfect resource to have on the go on your mobile device. It will serve as a handy resource for getting up to speed quickly on a passage in the Bible or for planning your next Bible study or sermon. It can be used by itself or it will scroll in parallel with any Bible text or translation.

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