We were saddened to learn of the demise of the Wordsearch Bible Software platform. We had friends who worked at Wordsearch and had even collaborated with them on projects over the years. Wordsearch was truly one of the great Bible software companies, and they will be missed.

Although Wordsearch has been acquired by another software company, we’ve already had former Wordsearch customers contacting us to see if we can provide any kind of alternative path for them. The resounding answer is YES! We believe that Wordsearch users may find better continuity with Accordance rather than other platforms due to our similar Bible-centric philosophy and the intuitive use of our software. Moreover, although many Wordsearch titles are being carried over to the software’s buyer, some Wordsearch users may discover that the cost of upgrading to receive a full set of features, along with impending upgrade costs, is more than they want to spend.

An Accordance Alternative

Therefore, we would like to offer a “Wordsearch Welcome to Accordance” alternative path. We are offering two new software Collections specifically for Wordsearch users that will allow you to start rebuilding your Library in Accordance. Both of these Collections are being sold at near-cost, because we recognize the burden of having to start over with building a new Bible software library. Moreover, with Accordance, you can use your new personal library in native apps on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

ALL Accordance Features without Paying Extra

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t make you pay extra to access advanced features in our software. Even with our least-expensive Accordance Collection, you can write your own sermons within our software, access the most advanced search functions we offer, create dynamic interlinear views from multiple tagged biblical texts, use our powerful internal web browser, create sophisticated Construct Searches, and so much more. We believe that if you spend your hard-earned funds with Accordance, you should only be adding titles to your personal Accordance Library—not paying for features that are already part of the software.

Wordsearch Welcome to Accordance Specials

These specially-priced Accordance Collections are available for any Wordsearch customer, even if you already have an Accordance Library; but note that due to the very low cost, Custom Upgrades for previous Accordance users will not apply.

WS Crossover: Accordance 13
Value: $10,400+ (Over 690 Titles!)
List Price $7,756
Your Price: $999

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Triple Starter Collection:
Combined English, Greek, and Hebrew
Specialty Collections

List Price $617
Regular Price $249

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Note: The WS Crossover Collection is available to any users who currently own any version of Wordsearch. The Triple Starter is available to anyone (not just Wordsearch customers.)

Learning Accordance

Learning a new software platform can be a daunting task regardless of how intuitive the software is to use. Accordance has a variety of means to get you up to speed quickly including over 80 interactive tutorials built into Accordance 13. We also offer multiple free hour-long webinars every week in which you can interact with a live instructor. To help you get immediately up to speed with Accordance, here are three sessions from recent Accordance webinars for you to view.

Getting Started with Accordance, pt 1: The Basics

Getting Started with Accordance, pt. 2: Searching

Getting Started with Accordance, pt. 3: The Info Pane

Attention current Accordance users: please help us spread the word by sharing these offers with your friends and colleagues who used Wordsearch. Posts in social media linking to this page would be extremely helpful!