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Epictetus' Enchiridion (Greek)

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The tagged Greek text of the Enchiridion (or Handbook) from Dissertationes (edited by Henricus Shenkl, 1916 edition.)

The Enchiridion, or Handbook of Epictetus, often shortened to simply “The Handbook”, is a short manual of Stoic ethical advice compiled by Arrian, who had been a pupil of Epictetus at the beginning of the 2nd century.  The Enchiridion was originally included in Arrian’s Discourses of Epictetus which consisted of eight books, but only four now remain in their entirety, along with a few fragments of the others.  The books did not have a formal title in ancient times.

The Discourses were first printed (in Greek) in 1535.  The first English translation did not appear until 1758 with the appearance of Elizabeth Carter’s translation.

Although the content of The Handbook is derived from the Discourses of Epictetus, it is not a summary of The Discourses, but rather it is a compilation of practical precepts. The Handbook is a manual of practical ethical advice from the Stoic philosopher.  Written in koine Greek and widely adopted in the early Church, it provides a background to the language and culture of the Church Fathers.

This module is formatted to run in parallel with Elizabeth Carter’s English translation (EPICT-E) (which is included with the purchase of this module.)

Works of Epictetus
Greek version of Enchiridion (Handbook) from Dissertationes

• Editor: Henricus Shenkl
• Text of 1916 version

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