Apocryphal and other Early Koine Greek Christian Writings (Koine Greek Add-on)

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A collection of ten (10) fully tagged Greek works along with their English translations.  This add-on includes the following works:

  • Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History
  • Athanasius’ Incarnation and Against the Gentiles
  • Christian Apologists (Irenaeus, Justin Martyr, Athenagoras, Theophylus of Antioch)
  • Apocryphal Gospels
  • Apocryphal Apocalypses
  • NT Apocryphal Acts
  • Works of Epictetus (Enchiridion, Four Discourses)
  • On the Holy Spirit by Basil the Great
  • Discourses on the Son of God by Gregory of Nazianzus
  • Great Catechism by Gregory of Nyssa

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
English Non-Biblical TextAGOSP-EApocryphal Gospels (English translation)0
English Non-Biblical TextAPOCACTS-ENT Apocryphal Acts (English translation)0
English Non-Biblical TextAPOCAL-EApocryphal Apocalypses (English Translation)0
English Non-Biblical TextAPOL-EChristian Apologists (English translation)0
English Non-Biblical TextATHAN-EWorks of Athanasius (English translation)0
English Non-Biblical TextBASIL-EOn the Holy Spirit (Basil the Great) (English Translation)0
English Non-Biblical TextBASIL-TOn the Holy Spirit (Basil the Great) (Greek and English)79.9
English Non-Biblical TextEPICT-EWorks of Epictetus (Enchiridion, Four Discourses) (English translation)0
English Non-Biblical TextEUSEB-EEusebius’ Ecclesiastical History (English translation)0
English Non-Biblical TextGREG-EDiscourses on the Son of God (Gregory of Nazianzus) (English Translation)0
English Non-Biblical TextGREG-TDiscourses on the Son of God (Gregory of Nazianzus) (Greek and English)39.9
English Non-Biblical TextGREGNYS-EGregory of Nyssa’s “Great Catechism” (English)0
English Non-Biblical TextGREGNYS-TGregory of Nyssa’s "Great Catechism" (Greek, Tagged with English and Notes)49.9
Notes & Cross-referencesAPOCACTS NotesApocryphal Acts Notes0
Greek Non-Biblical TextsAGOSP-TApocryphal Gospels (Greek and English)49.9
Greek Non-Biblical TextsAPOCACTS-TNT Apocryphal Acts Collection (Greek and English)79.9
Greek Non-Biblical TextsAPOCAL-TApocryphal Apocalypses (Greek and English)49.9
Greek Non-Biblical TextsAPOL-TChristian Apologists (Greek and English)79.9
Greek Non-Biblical TextsATHAN-TWorks of Athanasius (Greek and English)79.9
Greek Non-Biblical TextsEPICT-TWorks of Epictetus (Enchiridion, Four Discourses) (Greek and English)79.9
Greek Non-Biblical TextsEUSEB-TEusebius’ Ecclesiastical History (Greek and English)79.9
Accessory ModulesAGL-TAGL-T0
Accessory ModulesAGOSP NotesAGOSP Notes0
Accessory ModulesAGOSP2-EAGOSP2-E0
Accessory ModulesAPOL-T NotesAPOL-T Notes0
Accessory ModulesATHAN NotesATHAN Notes0
Accessory ModulesBASIL-T NotesBASIL-T Notes0
Accessory ModulesEUSEB NotesEUSEB Notes0
Accessory ModulesGREG-T NotesGREG-T Notes0
Accessory ModulesGREGNYS NotesGregory of Nyssa’s “Great Catechism” Notes0


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