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LXX Cambridge Apparatus

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The Larger Cambridge Septuagint is an older critical edition begun in 1906 and edited by Alan E. Brooke, Norman McLean, and Henry St John Thackeray. The text is a diplomatic text, reproducing Codex Vaticanus with a critical apparatus of variant readings from other manuscripts. The series is incomplete since publication ceased in 1940 after completion of Genesis through Esther together with 1 Esdras, Judith, and Tobit. Like the Göttingen Septuagint there are two apparatuses, for the Greek text and for hexaplaric variants.

The Accordance module currently covers Volumes I and II. This includes Genesis to Ruth, 1-4 Kingdoms, 1-2 Chronicles, 1Esdras, Ezra, and Nehemiah. It can conveniently be used together with the morphologically tagged Swete text.

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Greek Master 11.13 add-on
LXX Studies add-on


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