LXX Advanced Studies Add-on Bundle

Prod ID: LXX Advanced add-on bundle
Retail: $551.40 / Accordance: $319.00

This bundle of advanced Septuagint study material can be added to any Accordance Collection.

It contains the MT-LXX Parallel (Tov and Polak), Rahlfs’ tagged LXX with Apparatus, the LXXS (Swete text and apparatus), LXXC Apparatus (Cambridge), LEH Lexicon (3rd Edition), along with two grammars (Conybeare & Stock and Thackeray), and two English LXX Translations (Brenton and NETS).

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
English BiblesLXX-BBrenton English Septuagint19.90
English BiblesNETSNew English Translation of the Septuagint (Text Edition 2014)29.90
Greek BiblesLXX1Greek Septuagint (Rahlfs) revised and tagged89.90
Greek BiblesLXXS-TGreek Septuagint (Swete) with Apparatus109.00
Greek LexiconsLEH-3LEH Septuagint Lexicon (3rd Edition)99.90
Greek GrammarsLXX GrammarGrammar of Septuagint GreekN/A
Greek GrammarsThackeray LXX GreekGrammar of the Old Testament in Greek (According to the Septuagint)13.90
Greek ApparatusLXX ApparatusLXX Rahlfs’ Apparatus49.90
Greek ApparatusLXXC ApparatusLXX Cambridge Apparatus59.90
Greek Study ToolsMT-LXX ParallelHebrew Masoretic and Septuagint Parallel (2nd Edition)99.90
Accessory ModulesLXX2 ApparatusLXX2 ApparatusN/A
Accessory ModulesLXX2LXX2N/A
Accessory ModulesLXXS ApparatusLXXS ApparatusN/A
Accessory ModulesLXXS2 ApparatusLXXS2 ApparatusN/A
Accessory ModulesLXXS2-TLXXS2-TN/A
Accessory ModulesLXXS3 ApparatusLXXS3 ApparatusN/A
Accessory ModulesLXXS3-TLXXS3-TN/A
Accessory ModulesMT-LXX2 ParallelMT-LXX2 ParallelN/A
Accessory ModulesNETS NotesNETS NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNETS2NETS2N/A
Accessory ModulesNETS2 NotesNETS2 NotesN/A


  1. (verified owner) Petrus Janse van Rensburg

    Great resources.
    Searching is usually very good.
    Parsing is very good and helpful.
    Currently there is a problem with searching in the MT-LXX parallel when using the MERGE command AND the LETTERS search on the Hebrew side. It shows a lot of search results which are wrong.
    The TEXT command works very well for in-depth cross textual searching, except where the automatic cross-highlighting is wrong.

  2. (verified owner) Petrus Janse van Rensburg

    The Rahlfs’ critical apparatus has explanations only in Latin, with no support for English.

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