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Chinese Revised Union Version, Traditional and Simplified

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Revised Chinese Union Version © 2006, 2010 Hong Kong Bible Society. Two modules in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese (both are the Shangti edition).

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All-in-All 1Q16


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March 2, 2012  | 10:12 PM  |  Good (4)
This is the latest translation by Hong Kong Biblie Society, which is a revise for the most commonly use Chinese Union Version. It retain most of the text in CUV while improving the translation by new discoveries, such as DSS, also standardizing the translation of certain words. It's a must for Chinese readers when doing Bible studies in Chinese. It is also suitable to use in daily devotion as in some cases the improved translation may give us new insight.

One important improvement of this translation is that there are more than 2,500 footnotes providing information of variants of manuscript, and highlight some important changes from the CUV. However, these notes is not provided by this module, and there is where the missing star gone. If Accordance would publish these notes then surely it worth a five star.

There are also some mistakes with verse number, which is not a fatal problem and we could help by using the new "Report a Correction" function.