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Shinkaiyaku: New Japanese Bible

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Translation by the Shin Nihon Seisho Kankokai, copyright 2003.

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August 24, 2015  |  9:34 PM  |  Okay (3)
I am very thankful for this Japanese Bible on Accordance. I would have benefited a lot more if the furigana were available so I can read the kanji. Also, I agree with Nakamura-san that a compare button with the English text and so on would be available. Here's hoping!
September 16, 2014  |  2:31 PM  |  Okay (3)
This module is specifically helpful for those who use Japanese Bibles like me. What is useful is that you can search words in Japanese and also copy and paste the text.
What is not good though, is that it does not contain any footnotes that are available in the paper print. In addition, the words are not highlighted when putting cursor in a text (no definition of any word available), and clicking "compare" button does not show any highlight. I expected these functions to be possible, so it was a disappointment.
Overall, it at least serves a basic function of searching and copying/pasting, hence three stars. Hope this will improve in the updated version.
August 29, 2012  |  7:19 AM  |  Fantastic (5)
Great to see a Japanese version bible enlisted. I already have purchaed and installed on my Mac and iPhone/iPad, and it works beautifully. The translation is the third revision of Shinkaiyaku, thich is the newer version.