Spanish 1960 Reina Valera Bible

Prod ID: RVR60 / Pub. Latin American Bible Society
Price: $19.90

An upgrade to the 1960 Reina-Valera with Strong’s numbering is available.

Reina-Valera Revisión de 1960. Ahora incluye formato especial para los textos poéticos y palabras de Cristo en rojo.

The 1960 revision of a major Spanish Protestant translation of the Bible. Now with poetic formatting and the words of Jesus in red.

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Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsUA-Lib5-2Unlock All Library 5 release 2N/A
Primary CollectionsUA-Lib5-3Unlock All Library 5 release 3N/A
Primary CollectionsUA-Lib5Unlock All Library 5N/A
Primary CollectionsUA-Lib4Unlock All Library 4N/A
Primary CollectionsUABibUnBible Unlock CD-ROM Unlock allN/A
Primary CollectionsCBCompubiblia para Mac CD-ROM69.00
English StudiesUABibUn9.0Bible Unlock 9.0 – Unlock all Bibles930.00
English StudiesUABibUn8Bible Unlock 8.1 Unlock all950.00
English StudiesUABibUn8.4Bible Unlock 8.4 Unlock all1030.00
English StudiesUABibUn3Bible Unlock CD-ROM 3 Unlock all899.00
English StudiesUABibUn9.5Bible Unlock 9.5 – Unlock all Bibles1160.00
Add-on BundlesUABibRefBible Reference CD-ROM Unlock allN/A


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