We are pleased to announce the release of the Hebrew Masoretic Text with Andersen-Forbes Morphology and Syntax Database. This unique Hebrew database is the result of over 50 years of continued research and over one year of development just to be integrated into the Accordance Bible Software Library. In the video demo of this unique resource below, you will quickly discover that the Andersen-Forbes database is the most detailed and precise syntax of its kind, and in Accordance is the most advanced implementation of this data on any Bible software platform.

The Andersen-Forbes database contains advanced morphology and syntax for each word in the Hebrew Bible, based upon the research of Francis I. Andersen and A. Dean Forbes for the last 50 years. This database contains many special features such as word semantic tagging and detailed analysis of the grammatical and linguistic structure of the Hebrew Bible.

There are four Accordance modules that come with the Andersen-Forbes database:

1. A morphologically-tagged Hebrew Masoretic Text
2. A graphical syntax database
3. A glosses Tool with definitions for each word
4. A glossary of special terminology

This past summer, Dr. Roy Brown gave this demo of the Andersen-Forbes database to the Accordance staff at the company offices in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Dr. Brown was working from a pre-release copy of the Andersen-Forbes database and there may be minor variations in the appearance of this demo and the final release product.

Hebrew Masoretic Text with Andersen-Forbes Morphology and Syntax Database
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