Butler — blunt, unfiltered, conservative, unique

He is enjoyed by multitudes, as is evidenced by his popularity in the preaching community. His commentary includes a wealth of invaluable sermons, instructive lesson outlines and insightful thoughts making it an indispensable tool for those who preach and teach.

Butler Expositor setJohn G. Butler’s Analytical Bible Expositor is an extensively organized chapter-by-chapter commentary of the entire Bible. It is much easier to read and understand than the typical commentary usually plagued with small print, heavy intellectual arguments, and difficult to understand language. Expository in style, this commentary helps one to know both the meaning and the message of the Scripture. The annotations of the text combine exposition with practical application. It is especially helpful for ministers who are seeking to engage the text at a deeper level.

Key and Unique features of the Analytical Bible Expositor include:

  • Analyzation: First, there is a brief introduction with an outline of each chapter of each book of the Bible. Then the commentary itself is divided into points and sub-points giving you a quick visual of the main ideas and thoughts of that individual chapter.
  • Alliteration: All outlines, including points and sub-points, are alliterated in Butler’s own analytical style. In addition, every New Testament book has its own comprehensive alliterated outline.
  • Annotation: The commentary itself is full of fervor with practical applications that consist of explanations, clarifications, interpretations, and exhortations.

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More than just a commentary, this reference work in Accordance becomes an amazing topical search tool as well by simply changing from reference to title in the search area and typing in practically any topic. I am astounded at the incredible amount of information displayed.

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The following screenshot shows the Bible in parallel with the commentary, a partial outline of a New Testament book and a topical title search, all available within this module.

Butler Screenshot

If you already own the Analytical Bible Expositor in another Bible program, you are eligible for great cross grade pricing.