Disciple's Study Bible - 3D cover Back in 1988, I was working at New Life Book Shop in Ruston, Louisiana, when Holman Bible Publishers released the Disciple’s Study Bible (DSB). Holman offered a free copy of the DSB to any bookstore employee who could sell 12 copies. I was very up front with the customers to whom I showed this new study Bible. I told them I would get a free copy if I sold 12 of them, but they were under no pressure. Each person who purchased a copy of the DSB for my goal of 12 had to sign their name so that I could prove to Holman I had fulfilled my end of the deal. Not only did I get my copy of the DSB in a very short time, I still have it.

The Disciple’s Study Bible was not a difficult Bible to sell because it was unique—and really still is. Yes, there has been a newer edition since, but the 1988 edition in particular contains more content, and many still prefer it over the newer version. The editors of the DSB organized all of the supplemental helps around 27 doctrines of the Bible. Like most study Bibles, notes are placed under the biblical text; but in the DSB, each note begins with a heading alerting the reader as to which of the 27 doctrines is being described. There is an index to the doctrines that allows the reader to trace a particular theological thread from Genesis to Revelation. Want to read up on the history of a particular doctrine? Also included are 27 articles tracing the themes from the Early Church to today. A brief bibliography at the end of his historical article provides the reader with direction for further study.

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Even the introductions to biblical books in the DSB are of a theological nature, focusing on doctrinal themes prominent in a particular book of the Bible. And there are numerous charts covering not just doctrines, but historical theology as well. And so that all doctrinal study isn’t just a dry, intellectual exercise, an entire section of Life Helps allows you to apply the theological teachings of the Bible in practical ways to all areas of life.

I’m still glad to have the print copy of the Disciple’s Study Bible that I “earned” 30 years ago, but I’m even more excited to have it digitally in Accordance to have these notes with me at all times to be referenced at a moment’s notice. The DSB notes are based on the 1984 New International Version, but Accordance users can place them in parallel with any Bible text or translation.

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The classic 1988 edition of the Disciple’s Study Bible is now available for the Accordance Bible Software Library. Introductory Discounted Pricing is available for a limited time.

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