Jan 30, 2017 Accordance Bible Software

Accordance Offers New IVP Views Bundle

Hermeneutics-5 Views_120 Accordance is pleased to announce its new IVP Multiview Book Bundle. The four volumes are part of IVP Academic’s growing Spectrum Multiview Books series, which tackles important but controversial subjects.

The new Accordance volumes range in topic from Faith and Reason to Baptism and from Psychology to Hermeneutics.

Can you identify which viewpoints below match yours?

Faith and Reason: Three Views includes Faith and Philosophy in Tension by Carl Raschke, Faith Seeking Understanding by Alan G. Padgett, and Thomistic Synthesis by Craig Boyd.

Baptism: Three Views includes Sinclair Ferguson on Infant Baptism, Bruce Ware on Believers’ Baptism, and Anthony Lane on Mixed Practice.

Psychology and Christianity: Five Views includes Transformative by John Coe and Todd Hall; Biblical Counseling by David Powlison; Levels-of-Explanation by David G. Myers; Integration by Stanton L. Jones; and Christian Psychology by Robert C. Roberts and Paul J. Watson.

Hermeneutics: Five Views includes Craig Blomberg on Historical-Critical/Grammatical, Richard Gaffin on Redemptive-Historical, Scott Spencer on Literary/Postmodern, Robert Wall on Canonical, and Merold Westphal on Philosophical/Theological.

In each book, proponents make their case, and each of the other contributors offer a response.

This bundle may not change any of your views, but you will better understand colleagues and others who hold differing perspectives.

With Accordance's Introductory Special through February 6, 2017, you can get the IVP Multiview Books Bundle containing all four volumes at a discount of over 20%. Each individual volume is also available.

Three of these titles are new to Accordance but Baptism: Three Views was previously available. The Custom Upgrade will automatically give you credit for this title if you own it already.

IVP Multiview Books Bundle
(4 Volumes)

List Price $92.00
Regular Price $79.90
Sale Price $62.90

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Reason-3 Views_120

Faith and Reason: Three Views

Regular Price $22.90

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Baptism: Three Views

Regular Price $16.90

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Hermeneutics-5 Views_120
Psychology-5 Views_120

Hermeneutics: Five Views

Regular Price $21.90

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Psychology and Christianity: Five Views

Regular Price $22.90

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The introductory special listed above is good through February 6, 2017 and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

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