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Book cover: IVP: Biblical Hermeneutics: 5 Views (Spectrum Multiview Series)

IVP: Biblical Hermeneutics: 5 Views (Spectrum Multiview Series)

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Spectrum Multiview Books from IVP Academic offer a range of viewpoints on academic topics about which Christians clearly disagree. The unique format, pioneered by IVP in 1977 with the publication of The Meaning of the Millennium, gives proponents of major positions an opportunity to make their case. Each of the other contributors then offers a brief response.

Five experts in biblical hermeneutics gather here to state and defend their approach to the discipline.

Contributors include:

  • Craig Blomberg with the historical-critical/grammatical approach
  • Richard Gaffin with the redemptive-historical approach
  • Scott Spencer with the literary/postmodern approach
  • Robert Wall with the canonical approach
  • Merold Westphal with the philosophical/theological approach.

Biblical Hermeneutics: Five Views
• Series: Spectrum Multiview Series
• Editors: Stanley E. Porter, Beth M. Stovell
• Contributors: Craig L. Blomberg, Richard B. Gaffin Jr., F. Scott Spencer, Robert W. Wal, Merold Westphal
• Publisher: InterVarsity Press (2012)

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