THGNT 3D Accordance Bible Software is excited to announce the immediate release of The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House Cambridge (THGNT). Ours is the first release of this new edition of the Greek New Testament available with morphological tagging. The THGNT comes with an apparatus module that can be read in parallel with the THGNT text or other editions of the Greek New Testament.

Dirk Jongkind serves as the primary editor of the THGNT, with associate editor, Peter J. Williams, and assistant editors Peter M. Head and Patrick James. The THGNT is co-published by Tyndale House, Cambridge and Crossway.

The THGNT began as a project to revise the Tragelles edition of the Greek New Testament, which initially served as a basis of the Westcott-Hort edition, the pre-cursor of modern eclectic texts from Nestle-Aland and United Bible Societies. However, as stated in the Introduction, the “revision of Tregelles has ended up being more thoroughgoing than we had expected, such that this is now a completely new edition, rather than a light revision.”

Departing from current practice as found in the NA/UBS editions of the Greek New Testament, the editors of the THGNT required that all readings (with some exceptions in Revelation) receive witness from at least two manuscripts, with one from the fifth century or earlier. This method results in a shift from modern emphasis on the earliest reading (sometimes only based on one manuscript in the NA/UBS texts) to a “best reading.”

There are a few other unique features to the THGNT. The editors allowed spelling variations of the manuscripts to remain in most places. Punctuation marks are kept to a minimum (“comma, high point, full stop, and question mark”), and there are purposefully no sigla in the Greek text indicating variant readings in the apparatus.


Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the THGNT is the re-ordering of New Testament books based on the order generally preferred in the Early Church. The THGNT arranges the writings of the New Testament in the following way: Gospels, Acts, Catholic Epistles, Pauline writings (including Hebrews), and Revelation. This arrangement of the New Testament books will appear as described in the previous sentence when the THGNT is used as a primary search text; however, if the THGNT is placed in parallel with another New Testament, it will follow the order of that primary search text.

The Accordance edition of the THGNT also includes morphological tagging of the text. This feature allows the reader to see morphological and parsing information on the Greek words of the THGNT as well as providing crossover highlighting with other Greek texts, as well as translations of the New Testament that include Strong’s or Goodrick-Kohlenberger Key Numbering.

An abbreviated description of the features of the THGNT can be found in the Preface of the Apparatus module. Much more detailed information, including the basis for some decisions made in this edition, is found in the Introduction. Also, an official website from Tyndale House, Cambridge details the history and many of the distinctive readings and unique features of the THGNT in a blog series begun a year ago by editors Dirk Jongkind and Peter J. Williams.

THGNT compare

Tip: Use the compare text feature in Accordance 12 to discover differences between the THGNT and other editions of the Greek New Testament.

Bill Mounce examines the Tyndale House Greek New Testament in this video. (See how he uses the compare feature of Accordance to examine differences between the Tyndale House Greek New Testament and the NA28 GNT.)

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