Aug 27, 2010 David Lang

Top Ten Reasons to Attend the Users' Conference: #5 and #4

Over the past few weeks I've been counting down the Top Ten Reasons you should plan to attend the Accordance User's Conference in the Dallas area September 24-25. Here again are reasons 6 through 10, along with reasons 4 and 5. Take note, iPhone and iPad users, these latest two are for you:

10. Hang Out with Other Accordance Users: See here for more.

9. Get to Know Accordance Developers: See here for more.

8. Go Light or Heavy: See here for more.

7. Get Personal and Practical Help: See here for more.

6. Try Before You Buy and Buy at a Discount: See here for more.

5. Get Up Close and Personal with the New iOS App: As I mentioned in yesterday's post and in the interview I did for the Fort Worth Evangelical Examiner (henceforth FWEE), the Users' Conference will be the ideal place to learn about Accordance for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Not only will we be showing off what it can do, but you'll get to meet and talk to the programmer responsible for it. After you thank him profusely for all his efforts and lost sleep, you can be among the first to offer feedback and help shape the app's future direction. How cool is that?

4. Discuss the Future of Mobile with OakTree and Olive Tree: As I explain in the FWEE interview, our goals for the Users' Conference are much broader than just training you how to use Accordance. Among other things, we hope to spark discussions about how to study the Bible in general and how to use technology to do it more effectively. Toward that end, we've scheduled a panel discussion about "The Impact and Future of Mobile Bible Software" and we've enlisted the help of our good friends at Olive Tree Bible Software.

Olive Tree is one of the leading developers of Bible Software for handheld devices and their Bible Reader app for iPhone and iPad consistently receives rave reviews. They've been developing for a dizzying array of handhelds for a long time, so they've seen it all and have a much broader perspective on handheld computing than we do. We're therefore very excited to have them lend their expertise to the discussion.

Beyond that, many Accordance users are also Bible Reader users, so we expect many of you will be interested to meet developers from both companies, learn how both apps can be used to complement each other, and hear the direction each developer is planning to go in the future. Next to hearing our keynote speakers, I'm personally most excited about this handheld Bible study panel. Can you tell?

We've now covered seven of our top ten reasons to attend the Users' Conference. Look for the last three reasons to attend in upcoming posts, and be sure to pre-register before the end of this month.

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