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Ultimate Collection Overview

ultimate collection

We pulled out all the stops for the Ultimate Collection. This massive theological library builds upon our Advanced Collection and includes a wealth of tagged Bibles, tagged ancient texts, cutting-edge original language tools, in-depth commentaries, specialized Bible dictionaries, detailed history works, a myriad of theological writings, engaging graphics, and much more. This Collection is designed for those who want the very best Bible study tools at an incredible value. In particular, if you would like access to a large variety of high-quality commentaries and lexicons, the Ultimate Collection offers incredible savings over purchasing these resources individually. Altogether, this Collection offers more than $17,000 in print value for just $1,999.99.


Ultimate Collection Video Overview

Module Highlights

In addition to many new tools, the Advanced Collection also includes every module in the Starter Collection, Bible Study Collection, Original Languages Collection, Essential Collection, and Advanced Collection. You can click on the respective images below to learn about some of the standout modules in each of those Collections.

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Below are some of the new modules in the Ultimate Collection that I have found helpful in my own Bible study.


bdag The Greek-English Lexicon on the New Testament (BDAG) is the gold standard of Greek lexicons. This phenomenal tool is the most exhaustive lexicon of New Testament Greek available. The wealth of references, both to Scripture and extrabiblical sources, is quite impressive. BDAG does an excellent job of breaking down the range of meaning for each word, listing all the appropriate Scripture references in each corresponding section. BDAG uses an outline format that is easy to follow (although the many links and abbreviations can feel cluttered), and abbreviations are hyperlinked, making it much easier to keep track of what they all mean.

Individual Price: $159.99


halot The Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament (HALOT) is the counterpoint to BDAG, as the preferred Hebrew lexicon by many scholars. This lexicon lists Hebrew words alphabetically, and it includes cross-references to other words with the same root. There is an impressive amount of information here, including many references to Akkadian, Arabic, and Ugaritic. You do not need to know all these languages to benefit from HALOT though, as the English definitions and abundant Scripture references are enough to give you a good idea about a word’s meaning in various passages.

Individual Price: $199.99

New International Greek Testament Commentary (13 volumes)

NIGTC-Revelation-cover 120 The NIGTC is one of my favorite commentary series, and certainly my favorite commentary for dealing with Greek. This commentary requires a working knowledge of Greek, as it does not transliterate or translate each Greek word. However, those who do know Greek will find a goldmine of exegetical insights in these volumes. The main drawback is that this series does not cover every book of the New Testament. However, the included volumes are some of the highest ranked volumes on

Individual Price: $499.99

New American Commentary (38 volumes)

NAC-NTcover The New American Commentary series is written for those who want to understand and expound the Scriptures. The NAC’s primary goal is to help readers understand and interpret Scripture. The authors write from a conservative theological perspective, focusing mainly on the text of the Bible itself rather than on secondary literature. The authors address issues such as historical context, literary structure, theological implications, and more. A major benefit of this commentary is that it covers the majority of biblical books and most volumes offer a good amount of depth.

Individual Price: $549.99

Holman Old and New Testament Commentaries (32 volumes)

HOTC-Isaiah The Holman Commentary series was written for pastors, teachers, and students of the Bible. I like the Holman series because the commentary is easy to follow, and also because it offers some good devotional applications. There is a convenient summary at the end of each passage called “In a Nutshell” that helps you to remember a core takeaway from the commentary. There is also a sample prayer at the end of each section that relates to the passage, which is a good way to apply your intellectual learning toward your spiritual growth. Preachers will also appreciate the teaching outline that is included in each section.

Individual Price: $299.99

Church Fathers (Ante-Nicene, Nicene, and Post-Nicene)

a-bundle-sm This bundle includes all 37 volumes of the Church Fathers’ writings (Ante-Nicene, Nicene, and Post-Nicene). These volumes are a wonderful way to grow in your understanding about the history of the Christian Church, especially if you aren’t currently familiar with the writings of these early Christian leaders. It is fascinating to learn about some of the issues the early Church was dealing with, and to learn from the wisdom of the Church Fathers. These writings include copious footnotes that make it easy to see where the Church Fathers are quoting or alluding to Scripture.

Individual Price: $129.99

Greek Manuscripts

a-text-sm The Ultimate Collection includes several Greek manuscripts that are useful for text-criticism studies. You can stack these manuscripts on top of one another via the Dynamic Interlinear, allowing you to easily identify textual variants betwen them. While the NA28 apparatus is also a great way to learn about textual variants, it is pretty exciting to see these variants for yourself by comparing the manuscripts side-by-side. Also, while it might be cost-prohibitive to purchase these  manuscripts individually, it is great to get them all included in the Ultimate Collection.

These are the included manuscripts:

Individual Price: $39.99-$69.99 each

Other Notable Modules:


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The Ultimate Collection offers our best set of Bible study tools at our best value.
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If you own a different Accordance 9 Collection or an Accordance 8 Scholar’s Collection, you may still qualify for a special 10% discount by double upgrading (first to Essential, then to Ultimate). Contact our friendly sales team by email, phone, or live chat to ask about this option.

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