Training seminar
For an Accordance user, there’s nothing else quite like one our all-day Training Seminars. Maybe it’s not exhaustive; but admittedly, it can be a bit exhausting for both the trainer and the trainees! Our free Accordance Training Seminars take an eight-hour whirlwind tour through the major features of Accordance and Accordance Mobile.

There’s something electrifying about spending the day with a couple dozen or more Accordance users, some of whom you may have met previously online in the Accordance User Forums. Attendees have access to an Accordance expert, a power user–if you will–who is there to answer every imaginable question about Accordance and offer live, hands-on training.

Although it’s not quite the same as the live experience, back in 2013, we recorded one of these all-day Training Seminars that was held in conjunction with the ETS/SBL meetings in Baltimore that year. We not only created an external recording of the presentation, we recorded the presenter’s screen as well.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been posting a section at a time–usually about an hour long in length–on our website. You can view these on the Accordance Training Seminar Videos webpage. We have three sections posted so far.

Please check out the videos and then do us a favor. We’d like to hear your feedback in the comments on this post. Would you like to see us post the rest of the sections? Frankly, they’re a bit of work to sync both videos together, and the greatest downside to these sessions lies in the fact that they represent a presentation of Accordance 10 instead of the current v. 11.

That means there’s no coverage of new features like Quick Entry, the new Library categories, or the Info Pane. Having said that, there’s nothing really in these videos that is no longer applicable. New features in Accordance almost always build upon previous features.

We’d really like to record one of our upcoming Training Seminars and eventually make it available online, but we’ll continue to post the rest of the 2013 seminar if you, our users, think it’s beneficial.

So let us know your thoughts. Please leave a comment below and give a thumbs up or thumbs down in regard to whether you’d like to see more of the 2013 sessions. We appreciate your input!