About the Expositor’s Bible Commentary

The Expositor’s Bible Commentary series kicked off in 1976. Since then, nearly 2 million copies have been sold in numerous formats, making it one of the best-selling commentaries of its generation. The vision of the Expositor’s Bible Commentary is to serve pastors and teachers by providing them with a comprehensive and scholarly tool for the exposition of the Scriptures and the teaching and proclamation of the gospel.

What’s New in the Revised Version

Relaunched in 2006, the fully revised EBC features 30 new contributors and more than 60% brand new content. It includes new and revised commentary by leading scholars, including D. A. Carson, Walter C. Kaiser, Andreas Köstenberger, Mark L. Strauss, and more. Solidly evangelical in viewpoint, the new EBC is substantially updated in its discussion of theological and critical issues.

Key Features

  • All commentators work from the original languages.
  • Includes both Semitic and Greek words, along with transliteration and translation for readers unacquainted with biblical languages.
  • Thorough introductions for each biblical book with a short bibliography and outline.
  • “Notes” sections provide a specialized discussion of key words or concepts, as well as helpful resource information.
  • “Reflections” sections include expanded thoughts.
  • Irenic presentations of options in passages where key differences of interpretive opinion exist.

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