Today we are releasing two new series from Kregel Academic for the Accordance Bible Software Library: Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis (6 volumes) and Handbooks for New Testament Exegesis (3 volumes). This series is complete with the exception of a remaining volume on the Gospels and Acts to be released at a future date. Accordance users may purchase these volumes in OT and NT sets, as well as individual volumes.

These volumes grew out of the conviction that the same exegetical tools for one part of the Bible cannot always be applied to the whole. Often the literary genre of a particular book has been ignored, and this neglect has led to misunderstanding and even error.

Exegetical Handbooks - macOS

The Old Testament volumes are divided among the following genres: Pentateuch, Historical, Psalms, Wisdom, Prophetic, and Apocalyptic. As stated in the series preface, each volume is built around the same six-chapter structure as follows:

  1. The Nature of the Genres
  2. Viewing the Whole
  3. Preparing for Interpretation
  4. Interpreting the Text
  5. Proclaiming the Text
  6. Putting It All Together

Likewise, the currently completed volumes of the New Testament series are divided by the themes of Pauline letter, General letters, and Revelation and Apocalyptic. The New Testament volumes feature the following common elements:

  1. The nature of the literary genre (including important subgenres)
  2. The background of the books (historical setting)
  3. The major themes of the books
  4. Preparing to interpret the books (textual criticism, translation)
  5. Interpreting passages in the context of their genre
  6. Communicating passages in the context of their genre
  7. From exegesis to exposition (two step-by-step examples)
  8. A list of selected resources and a glossary of technical terms

Both series are designed with seminary and graduate-level students in mind who have completed at least one year of the respective Hebrew or Greek language classes. However, all use of original language content in the series is accompanied by English translations. Thus, both series are accessible even by those who have not had the opportunity to study biblical languages.

If you have journals in your Accordance Library, you may want to get more in-depth opinions of a couple of volumes in the series at the links below.

Interpreting the Historical Books by Robert Chisholm Jr.

Interpreting the Psalms by Mark Futato

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