Creating Topical Outlines from a Commentary

A cool function in Accordance using the “Action Gear” button – Part 1

Let’s say you want to study a key topic or person throughout the bible in Accordance using a commentary and then print the major point results in an outline format. Is this even possible? Read on!

Thankfully this is pretty simple to do. In a commentary, using one of my favorite tools, the “Action Gear“, you can create topical outlines effortlessly on key topics and people instantly. This is truly a helpful and time saving function.
Just a few simple steps to amazing results
The first thing I recommend is to spend time getting to know the books in your library. I always check the Table of Contents (TOC) to see how informative and comprehensive it is. The outline in the TOC is the basis for creating a printable outline. The more thorough the Table of Contents, the better the potential is for results.
In this example I will be using the Bible Knowledge Commentary.
Step One:

Open the TOC and in the address bar type in “Faith.”

The TOC will display an outline for all the headings and subheadings on that topic throughout the commentary. This is a fun way to explore various topics and people discussed throughout the commentary from Genesis to Revelation. This alone is beneficial way to use a book in Accordance, but you can do even more by creating and copying an outline to your favorite word processor.
Step Two:
In the address bar of the commentary, click on the “Choose the field to search” down arrow to show the different characteristics of the book you can search from and select “Titles“. Type in “Faith” and click on return on your keyboard.

The commentary is now showing all the hits of “Faith” found in the TOC (33 hits). We have everything we need now to create an outline using the “Action Gear” button.
Step Three:

Locate and click on the “Action Gear” button (Perform tasks on this pane). Select “Show Text As” and then choose “Paragraphs” and . . .

Instantly, you have a Topical Outline from the commentary with linked verses to view and study within Accordance or that you can copy into your word processor or print! What fun!

Are there other fun things one can do with the “Action Gear”? Indeed, there are! In Part 2 we will expand out and explore the “Show Text As” options in other types of resources. By using these simple tools, discover more helpful ways to view your resources plus look at how to accomplish these tasks on any iOS mobile device with Accordance.