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Accordance Bible Software has a user base that spans the entire globe. In addition to an expanding library of Bibles and reference works in multiple languages, we also have localization of the software itself in the following languages: Korean, German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese. This functionality allows non-English-speaking Accordance users to see content of menus and dialog boxes in their own language.

How do you change language localization in Accordance? Like with most things in our software, there’s more than one way to get this done. The easiest way is to let Accordance adapt itself to whatever language your system software is set to. That is, if you have set your Windows or macOS settings to one of the languages listed above, Accordance will automatically pick up on this and present all menus and dialog boxes in the same language. If you have Accordance open and switch languages in your OS, Accordance will have to be restarted to change its localization.

The second method will change Accordance’s localization completely independently of what language is set for Windows of macOS. This change is done from within Accordance. First, go to Accordance Settings (fount on the Edit menu in Windows or the Accordance menu in macOS). Then, from the Appearance section, under Other: Interface Language, choose any of the languages listed on the dropdown menu. Accordance will ask to be restarted, and when it relaunches Accordance will be in the language of your choice completely separate from the language in your computer’s system settings.

No doubt, we will continue to add more language localizations over time. If your personal language is not represented, let us know in the Accordance Forums which language(s) you’d like to see localized in our software.