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Online Training with Accordance

Sign-up and Learn with Free Webinars

Accordance Bible Software has a rich number of features to accommodate users at all levels to seriously study the Scriptures. We attempt to make our software as intuitive as possible, but a program that can do as much as Accordance is understandably not mastered in a few minutes. There are a variety of ways to learn Accordance including our built-in series of tutorials on the Help menu of Accordance 13 for Windows and macOS as well as feature videos. However, perhaps the best way to learn Accordance is in the hands-on approach of our weekly lineup of free webinars.

On average, there are five hour-long webinars available each week. We offer sessions scheduled at convenient times for both Western and Eastern hemispheres, although anyone can take any webinar desired from either list of sessions. The interactive aspect of a live webinar creates the real advantage for learning Accordance. Attendees can ask questions of a “master” Accordance user and receive immediate guidance for any issues in using the software.

Our webinars are coordinated by Linda Perry, who is a longtime veteran of the Bible software industry. Linda came to work for Accordance ten years ago after being employed at Wordsearch for a number of years, where she was also involved in their webinars. Accordance webinars initially began, a decade ago, on an occasional basis; but around 2014, Linda started scheduling them for every week.

Since Accordance webinars cover very specific topics on subjects across all skill levels, the number of participants can vary from around a dozen to even 40 users for certain sessions. Certain topics rotate in the schedule, so if you miss something you wanted to participate in, it will probably come back around. New topics are regularly being added, too. Recently a whole new series on Accordance Workspaces was added to the lineup. Most of our webinars focus on Accordance 13 for macOS and Windows, but we also have dedicated sessions for Accordance on Android and iOS devices. Plus, many concepts you learn on one platform, such as searching a biblical text, can be applied to our other platforms as well.

As mentioned, Accordance webinars last about an hour. And the presenter will usually “hang around” to answer any questions as necessary. Participants also get access to recordings of the sessions for review at their convenience. Of course, as particular topics are repeated in the schedule, Accordance users can sign up again for the same sessions as often as they like. Not only are all of our webinars free, but as an added bonus, there is usually some kind of coupon code offered as our thank you for participating.

No prior knowledge of Accordance is necessary to participate in any of our webinars. In fact, you don’t even have to be an Accordance user yet if you just want to check things out. If you want to follow along with examples, though, we do recommend that you already have Accordance installed on your device.

Want to see what upcoming sessions are scheduled? If you go to our website, you can click on the Support menu at the top of the page and then choose Webinars to find links to both Eastern and Western hemisphere sessions. However, you can also contact Linda at [email protected] and ask her to add you to the email list she sends out every afternoon that contains the next week’s combined schedule.