NIVMSB-ds Long requested by our users, The NIV MacArthur Study Bible notes are now available for the Accordance Library! For many years Accordance users have employed the MacArthur New Testament Commentary (28 volumes) for gaining insights into the Bible for preaching, teaching or personal study. So what does The NIV MacArthur Study Bible offer in addition to the commentary series? Quite a bit, actually.

When incorporated into the Accordance Library, study Bibles are incredibly useful, even when surrounded by multivolume commentary sets. Study Bible notes provide a first-stop reference when researching a passage or topic. This is especially helpful in regard to resources written by the same author. The NIV MacArthur Study Bible notes can be used as a tool to gain a quick overview of John F. MacArthur’s thought in a more condensed form before gaining an expanded view in the full commentary set, allowing these resources to be used together in a logical study workflow.

However, The NIV MacArthur Study Bible notes go well beyond a companion to the larger commentary series. Drawing on decades of study and a lifetime of ministry by Pastor John MacArthur, this study Bible covers not just the New Testament, but the entire Bible. At over 2200 pages in print, the MacArthur Study Bible notes include over 20,000 commentary notes on both the Old and New Testaments. Moreover, this resource delivers a treasure trove of biblical information with maps, charts, outlines and articles written by John MacArthur.

As those familiar with the print edition of the NIV MacArthur Study Bible know, this title also includes a guide for reading through the entire Bible. For implementation into Accordance, we have split this guide off into a separate module in the Accordance Library that effortlessly integrates into the Accordance Daily Readings workspace. Users can use this guide to systematically work through the entire study Bible notes in a year or at one’s own pace.

NIV MacArthur Study Bible screenshots

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The MacArthur Study Bible in its various editions has sold over a million copies in print making it one of the most successful study Bibles of all time. Now these notes can be make an excellent edition to your personal Accordance Library.

Note: While Accordance allows the notes in The MacArthur Study Bible to be placed in parallel with any text or translation of the Bible, quotations are from the New International Version, which is sold separately.

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