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Book cover: NIV New International Version 2011 with footnotes

NIV New International Version 2011 with footnotes

See packages below which include this module.

Category: English Bibles   |   Minimum Acc Version: 9   |   Install Options: Download only

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Requires Accordance 9 or above.

There are two upgrades available from this product:

  • To the NIV11 with G/K numbers and Phrase Tagging (NIV11-GKE)
  • To the NIV11 with G/K numbers (NIV11-GK)

A free add-on to the older NIV or NIV-G/K is available to supply the NIV11.

The best-selling New International Version seeks to recreate as far as possible the experience of the original audience—blending transparency to the original text with accessibility for the millions of English speakers around the world. This 2011 revision represents the latest effort of the Committee on Bible Translation to articulate God’s unchanging Word in the way the original authors might have said it had they been speaking in English to the global English-speaking audience today.

The new footnotes include much more extensive cross-references.

Owners of the previous 1984 edition of the NIV in Accordance can use it in parallel with the NIV11 in order to compare the translations.

See the Blog post.

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Where To Find

NIV New International Version 2011 with footnotes is included with the following packages:

BW Crossover13-Adv 10 Add-on
BW Crossover13-Adv 8-9 Add-on
BW Crossover13-Basic 6-7


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November 4, 2011  |  2:41 PM   |    Good (4)
I like this translation at times at other times I don't, but what's new? It's a translation it will never be perfect (big shock, I'm looking at you KJV only people). It is an easy read but you lose some of the subtitles of the Greek and hebrew texts in the dynamics of the translation, but that is what makes it an easy read. Don't do your theology exegesis with it (or any english text for that matter) but still a good bible.