Matt Smith

I have used Accordance since the founding of our church. I use it daily as an app on my phone to look up biblical verses I may be asked to comment on.  I use it also to stay sharp, reading a sentence or two in the original language each day right from my smartphone. When I teach mid-week, I often use Accordance as a teaching tool, utilizing Apple TV and my phone to illustrate technical nuances of passages relevant passages on the big screen.  Our church is used to having it and I cannot imagine ever doing without it.

For sermon preparation I use Accordance to look up the various verses I want to reference all at once and for a quick look at the languages. Having used each of the various Bible software programs, I can confidently say that Accordance is–without a doubt–the fastest and most effective program for use in working with the original languages.  

The cause of Christ at Barabbas Road Church has been furthered because of Accordance and I would highly recommend it to any pastor.

Matt Smith
Senior Pastor of Barabbas Road Church
San Diego, California