Ever flipped through the average Bible atlas? You can learn something new just by looking at the maps and illustrations, but once you start reading, you can quickly get overwhelmed with information about geological formations, weather patterns, people groups, and archaeological discoveries.

Thankfully, Carta Publishing has produced a series of brief, narrowly-focused “introductory atlases” to help you better understand the world of the Bible. Each title in this series tackles a different subject—archaeology, kingdoms and empires, great people, etc.—to help you deepen your understanding of the Bible. And like all Carta titles, these introductory atlases are richly illustrated with high-quality maps and images.

For the best deal on the Carta Understanding series, take advantage of the complete set of six (6) atlases. The individual volumes are also available.

Carta Understanding SeriesAll 6 volumes
List Price: $103.94
Regular Price: $89.99

C-Understand OT_120

Understanding the
Old Testament

Regular Price: $15.99

C-Understand NT_120

Understanding the
New Testament

Regular Price: $15.99

C-Understand Archaeology_120

Biblical Archaeology

Regular Price: $19.99

C-Understand Kingdoms_120

Understanding Biblical Kingdoms & Empires

Regular Price: $15.99

C-Understand People_120

Understanding Great People of the Bible

Regular Price: $19.99

Carta Understand Geography

Understanding the Geography of the Bible

Regular Price: $15.99