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It’s a New Year! Start it off right by diving into the study of the Bible. Don’t know where to start? These deals from HarperCollins have you covered. Whether you’re looking to try out a new translation, meditate on devotional words of wisdom, or have the aid of study resources at your fingertips, this sale has something for you! These deals last through the month of January, so don’t miss out!

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The below Publisher Specials are good through Friday, January 31, 2020 (11:59 PM EST) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

New Year, New Bible!

Devotions on GNT

Devotions on the Greek New Testament (Volume 1)

The study of any language requires continual exposure in order to maintain or expand proficiency. Devotions on the Greek New Testament allows for this continued study by introducing devotions—based on a careful reading and study of the Greek New Testament—written by some of the top Greek scholars of today.

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Devotions on HB_120

Devotions on the Hebrew Bible

Devotions on the Hebrew Bible contains a devotion on every book in the Old Testament and can be used as a weekly devotional or as a supplemental resource throughout a semester or sequence of courses. These devotions will inspire you to keep reading and meditating on the Hebrew Scriptures and find new treasures from the biblical text.

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New King James Version Bible (Untagged)

One of the few modern translations based on the Textus Receptus Greek text, the New King James Version attempts to maintain the beauty of the original King James while updating its language for contemporary readers. Styling of red letters for words attributed to Christ, as well as poetry, italics and small caps are supported. Margin notes are included in a separate module. Copyright 1982.

Note: This version does NOT contain Strong’s numbering.

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Orthodox Study Bible_120

Orthodox Study Bible Notes

Orthodox Christianity is the face of ancient Christianity to the modern world and embraces the second largest body of Christians in the world. In this first-of-its-kind study Bible, the Bible is presented with commentary from the ancient Christian perspective that speaks to those Christians who seek a deeper experience of the roots of their faith. Readers will gain insight into the early Christian perspective of the Old Testament text and teachings and deepen their understanding of church history in the first ten centuries of Christianity.

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MacArthur Study Bible_120

MacArthur Study Bible Notes

The award-winning MacArthur Study Bible is considered among the elite of study Bibles. It is packed cover-to-cover with tools that offer a profound yet down-to-earth approach to understanding the Scriptures.

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NIV New International Version 2011 with Footnotes (Untagged)

The best-selling New International Version seeks to recreate as far as possible the experience of the original audience—blending transparency to the original text with accessibility for the millions of English speakers around the world. This 2011 revision represents the latest effort of the Committee on Bible Translation to articulate God’s unchanging Word in the way the original authors might have said it had they been speaking in English to the global English-speaking audience today.

The new footnotes include much more extensive cross-references.

Note: This version does NOT contain G/K numbering.

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Amplified Bible

The Amplified Bible is a translation that, by using synonyms and definitions, both explains and expands the meaning of words in the text by placing amplification in parentheses and brackets and after key words or phrases. This unique system of translation allows the reader to more completely grasp the meaning of the words as they were understood in the original languages. Through multiple expressions, fuller and more revealing appreciation is given to the divine message as the original text legitimately permits.

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NIV Cultural SB_120

NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible Notes

You’ve heard many Bible stories hundreds of times, but how many behind-the-scenes details are you missing? Sometimes a little context is all you need to discover the rich meaning behind the stories of Scripture.

That’s what the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible provides. Every page is packed with expert insight into the customs, culture, and literature of Bible times. These fascinating explanations will serve to clarify your study of the Scriptures, reinforcing your confidence and bringing difficult passages of Scripture into sharp focus.

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