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Abram K-J
I use Accordance every week for sermon preparation and devotional Bible reading. Rare is the day that I don’t open the program on my Mac or the app on a mobile device. The customizability, speed, sophistication, and availability of resources for preachers are second to none. Want to compare multiple English translations and instantaneously generate a comparative list of differences? Accordance can do that. Want to delve into the original languages for in-depth research? Accordance is ready. Want to access virtual bookshelves full of popular, pastoral, semi-technical and technical commentaries? Accordance can help you do that, too. I came to Accordance as a reviewer in late 2012. Since then I’ve used it as an aid in blogging, worship leading, teaching, planning membership class, leading Bible studies, preaching, and even in confidentially keeping track of congregational prayer requests. Accordance won’t pastor for you — you still have to prayerfully discern how to be faithful in that. But it sure will give you some sharp and powerful tools to help.

— Abram Kielsmeier-Jones

Pastor, Writer, Editor, and Blogger at Words on the Word

Note: Abram is also a regular Accordance webinar instructor, specializing in teaching Accordance users how to use the software to prepare sermons. Here is a recording of one of his more recent webinars: