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Published in 1901, the ASV has a very literal translation style and was one of the first major updates of the the King James Version for the American reader. The American Standard Version was a minor American revision of the English Revised Version of 1881. It became the foundation of several 20th century American versions, including the Revised Standard Version and the New American Standard Bible.

The ASV uses “Jehovah” as the divine name in the OT.

The current version (3.0) of the Accordance text is a new, clean, e-text with poetic formatting and footnotes.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
Accessory ModulesASV NotesASV Notes0

Where to Find

American Standard Version is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
UpgradesColl10-Essential UpgradesVersion 9 Levels upgrades to Essential Collection499.99
UpgradesColl10-Essential Upg_13Version 9 Levels upgrades to Essential Collection499.99
UpgradesColl10-Essential Upg_14Version 9 Levels upgrades to Essential Collection499.99
Primary CollectionsSCH7.4 CD setScholar’s Collection 7.4 CD-ROM set only15
Primary CollectionsSCH7.4 CoreScholar’s Collection 7.4 CD-ROM Core Bundle249
Primary CollectionsSCH7.0 CoreSCH7.0 Core249
Primary CollectionsSCH7.1 CoreSCH7.1 Core249
Primary CollectionsUA-S2Unlock All Scholar 20
Primary CollectionsUASCUnlock All Scholar’s 1 CD0
Primary CollectionsStarter-9Starter Collection of free modules with version 90
Primary CollectionsiOS_Starter_CompleteriOS Starter Collection0
Primary CollectionsAccord-iOSAccordance for iOS0
Primary CollectionsUA-S3Unlock All Scholar 30
Primary CollectionsUA-S4Unlock All Scholar 40
Primary CollectionsUA-S5 onlyUnlock All Scholar 50
Primary Collections20-Pack English StudySite License Pack for up to 20 devices: English Study1000
Primary CollectionsCollection10-Essential_14Essential Collection (Accordance 10)499.99
Primary CollectionsiOS2_Starter_CompleteriOS2 Starter Collection0
Primary CollectionsMAS11-StarterStarter Collection (Accordance 11) (MacApp Store)59.9
Primary CollectionsAnd1_Starter_CompleterAndroid1 Completer0
Primary CollectionsUA-S6.9Unlock All Scholar 6.90
Primary CollectionsUA-S8Scholar’s 8 Unlock All2800
Primary CollectionsCollection10-UltimateUltimate Collection (Accordance 10)1999.99
Primary BundlesAccord-iOS2Accordance for iOS20
Primary BundlesAccord-Android1Accordance for Android0
English StudiesBASIC-7Basic Group on Library 749
English StudiesEntry GroupEntry Group of Free Modules on Primary 80
English StudiesBASICBasic Group on Library 4-60
English StudiesTJL1-11Theological Journal Library DVD vol. 1-11440
Add-on BundlesStarter10 GroupStarter Group Modules (Accordance 10)0
Add-on BundlesStarter11 GroupStarter Group Modules (Accordance 11)0
Add-on BundlesStarter12 GroupStarter Group Modules (Accordance 12)0
Add-on BundlesStarter13 GroupStarter Group Modules (Accordance 13)49.9
PC Primary LevelsPC-Coll10-Bible StudyBible Study Collection pre-installed for emulator on DVD199.99
PC Primary LevelsPC-Coll10-EssentialEssential Collection pre-installed for emulator on DVD499.99
PC Primary LevelsPC-Coll10-Essential_13Essential Collection pre-installed for emulator on DVD499.99
OtherAccPrim8 DVDAccordance Primary 8 DVD15


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