Schocken Bible: The Five Books of Moses: A New Translation with Introductions, Commentary, and Notes (2nd Revised Edition) / January 01, 2019

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A groundbreaking translation by Everett Fox with Introductions, Commentary, and Notes, published in 1995. “This translation is guided by the principle that the Hebrew Bible, like much of the literature of antiquity, was meant to be read aloud, and that consequently it must be translated with careful attention to rhythm and sound. The translation therefore tries to echo the Hebrew, and to lead the reader back to the sound structure and form of the original.”

12/16/19 Update: The update to 2.0 includes significant updates from the translator, Everett Fox.

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English StudiesEnglish Bible add-onEnglish Bible add-on to Collection 10-Starter329.99
English StudiesEnglish Bible add-on Starter11English Bible add-on239
English StudiesEnglish Bible add-on_0122English Bible add-on (January 2022)269
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English StudiesUABibUn3EBible Unlock CD-ROM 3 Unlock all English479
English StudiesUABibUn9.0Bible Unlock 9.0 – Unlock all Bibles930
English StudiesUABibUn8Bible Unlock 8.1 Unlock all950
English StudiesUABibUn8.4Bible Unlock 8.4 Unlock all1030
English StudiesUABibUn3Bible Unlock CD-ROM 3 Unlock all899
English StudiesUABibUn9.5Bible Unlock 9.5 – Unlock all Bibles1160
Hebrew add-on bundlesJewish Studies add-onJewish add-on for Biblical studies with JPS materials299
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Add-on BundlesAll-in-All 1Q15All-in-All Accordance Program (1st Quarter 2015)15999
Add-on BundlesAll-in-All 2Q15All-in-All Accordance Program (2nd Quarter 2015)16999
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Add-on BundlesAll-in-All 1Q16All-in-All Accordance Program (1st Quarter 2016)21249
Add-on BundlesAll-in-All 3Q16All-in-All Accordance Program (3rd Quarter 2016)23999
PC Primary LevelsPC-JC6-AJewish Collection 6 Advanced Level with disk for PC emulator239.99


  1. TYA

    Great to have another Jewish translation available in Accordance. This covers only the Torah, but Jewish translations are much fewer and farer between than non-Jewish ones. Thanks Accordance for adding this one.

  2. (verified owner) Felipe L

    The Schocken Bible is a great resource and a FANTASTIC value in Accordance. The notes/commentary are a great summary of a broad range of scholarship.
    I love how this translation attempts to capture the rhythm and poetry of the original Hebrew in English.
    I really hope that Accordance can eventually publish the version of the Schocken Bible covering the early prophets. I would love to cover more of the Hebrew Bible written in the samz translation approach. The early prophets translation of the Schocken Bible is on my short list of the resources that I wish Accordance had!

  3. (verified owner) Paul Chong

    The author of this translation explained very plainly and clearly how the Hebrew rhythm and sound of the narrative tied together. Making it a joy just by reading out loud and listening to it. While the introduction to each book is concise and helps the reader to understand better the thought behind each of these plot.
    I highly recommend his works.

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