UPGRADE to Accordance Bible Atlas Version 2.2 from Atlas Version 1

Prod ID: Atlas 2.2 GroupupAtlas1
Price: $39.00
To purchase this product, you must already own:
  • Atlas release 1-4
  • Photo+Atlas
  • Graphics DVD Bundle

The Atlas is not yet supported on Accordance Mobile.

This product is not supported in Accordance Lite.

For a summary of atlas resources available in Accordance, see this atlas comparison.

Pack your gear and plot your course for an exciting and informative adventure! The Bible Atlas places you in the pilot’s seat for an aerial tour of Israel, Egypt, Babylon, Greece, and all the ancient lands of the Bible. Your adventure begins in the Bible, where you read about unfamiliar places and ancient journeys. With the click of a button, you can locate these places on spectacular topographical maps; and animated routes let you retrace the steps of Biblical travelers. For a detailed description of a city or region, simply click another button.

All maps are completely customizable: choose from a variety of backgrounds, then select the sites, roads, regions, and routes you wish to display. You can even use drawing tools to create your own layers! Then it}s time to take flight. Using versatile navigation controls, you can fly through stunning 3D landscapes. Follow ancient roads through mountain passes. View the topography from any angle. It’s the next best thing to actually being there. Now with high resolution backgrounds and modern boundaries.

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