Accordance Timeline Expanded Edition

Prod ID: Timeline Expanded / Pub. OakTree Software
Price: $49.90

Requires Accordance 13.1.2 or above.

The Timeline is not supported on Accordance Mobile or in Accordance Lite.

An upgrade is available from the original Accordance Timeline.

Visualize the sweep of history with the Accordance Timeline Expanded Edition. Much more than just dates on a timeline, the new expanded Timeline presents a colorful tapestry of the rise and fall of civilizations, the spread of world religions, and the wider context of biblical history.

With more than 3,000 historical periods, people, and events charted across 13 major geographical regions, you can see what was happening in each part of the world at any given time.

An expansion of the original Accordance Timeline, the new Timeline Tapestry adds

  • more than 2,000 new items
  • descriptions of every item
  • a new Religious Leaders item category
  • 5 new regions (Africa, Arabia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and World)
  • 1,500 additional years of history (from the fall of Rome to the present day)
  • Church history (Catholic, Orthodox, Celtic, Nestorian, Protestant)
  • Jewish history (rabbis, writings, movements, and persecutions)
  • Islamic history (caliphates, scholars, writings, and warfare)
  • major manuscripts and Bible translations
  • James Ussher’s chronology of the Antediluvian Period
  • Accordance history!

In addition to all this new information, Accordance 13.1.2 now supports amplifying to the Timeline from a Scripture reference. You can even access timeline items from the Info Pane.

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  1. (verified owner) Steven MacDonald

    A valuable upgrade! This timeline is packed with information. Glad to see Biblical dates from a believing perspective and the format is visually helpful in correlating dates

  2. (verified owner) Aaron Edgel

    Overall, this is an excellent and detailed timeline, although it is somewhat selective.

    You will be able to see greatly detailed schematics about important empires, epochs, kings, Biblical and theological individuals and writings, and important Bible manuscripts and translations, all ranging from 4,000 BC to 2020 AD. You will be able to see them all side-by-side to understand what was contemporary with what, and to follow the flow from ancient times to modern in any given region. It also comes with a “Conservative” and “Critical” setting, so you can see the timeline from two different dating perspectives (e.g., with the Exodus in 1446 vs 1250 BC). It even indicates for you when a date is uncertain or fuzzy. You are able to word search the timeline for particular events or persons, and you can filter what regions or types of items you want to view. Further information is available when you click on a given item, so they manage to pack more information in there than is seen at a glance.

    However, while it gives you the feel of encapsulating all of world history, it is definitely selective (as all timelines inevitably are). The timeline is especially detailed in Biblical history, the history of other Ancient Near-East civilizations, Roman and Persian and Byzantine empires, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, the royalty of famous European nations, and the history of the Papacy. It increases in detail around the history of the USA, but it only lists about half of the American presidents. However, there is very little having to do with Asia: it has the dynasties of China and significant Christian events there, it has the broadest eras of India, and it includes significant moments in the biggest Asian religions, but it does not have much else. Africa has some detail, especially regarding Church fathers, caliphates, missionaries, and Egypt, but little else. Practically absent are Central and South America, Australia, and Oceania. Hopefully they will improve on these or include add-on modules for them in the future. (Writing in February 20, 2024).

    Overall, it is a very useful resource if you are looking for a timeline for referencing Biblical events, ANE cultural background, or the history of the Church in the West.

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