Bible Workbook, Volume 1: Old Testament (Walker) / June 01, 1951

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Requires Accordance 11.2 or above.

More time to teach what matters most

Don’t waste time explaining the basic details of every story while you’re teaching. Have your students learn them through the Bible Workbooks. The Workbooks are full of exercises, questions, and maps that ensure students have the fundamentals down before you teach. That means you can use your time to bring those facts to life and teach about what matters most: the spiritual significance and application of Scripture.

Each Workbook contains thousands of fill-in-the-blank questions as well as interactive diagrams and maps. They can be adapted for virtually any teaching setting (homeschool, Bible class, Sunday school). Volume 1 takes you through the Old Testament chronologically (Job comes just after Genesis, for example, and the prophets are paired with their historical events found in the historical books). Volume 2 on the New Testament is also available.

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