Biblical DSS Manuscripts Variants: Dead Sea Scrolls and Masoretic Text Variant Index / January 01, 2014

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This module provides the user with a comprehensive, searchable list of every variation (excluding orthographic and morphological difference) between the so-called biblical Dead Sea Scrolls and the Masoretic Text. This tool can be used in conjunction with Hebrew Bible modules giving the user an immediate view of differences between these two significant corpora.  Alternatively, this tool can be used independently, allowing the user to search variations between the biblical scrolls and the MT.

This database was developed at the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute at Trinity Western University under the guidance of Martin Abegg.

See the Blog post.

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Primary CollectionsColl13-HebrewProHebrew Pro Collection1149
Primary CollectionsColl12-HebrewProHebrew Pro Collection (Accordance 12)999.00
Hebrew add-on bundlesDSS Bib addonDead Sea Scrolls Biblical Texts add-on with DSS Index and Variants229.00
Hebrew add-on bundlesHebrew Master 11.13 add-onHebrew Master, Complete Set to add to Original Languages (v.13 or earlier) or Essential (v.13 or earlier), Nov 20132299.99
Hebrew add-on bundlesHebrew Master 01.14 add-onHebrew Master, Complete Set to add to Original Languages (v.14) or Essential (v.14), January 20142289.99
Hebrew add-on bundlesHebrew Master 11.14Hebrew Master, Complete Set of Hebrew Texts/Tools (November 2014)2699.00
Hebrew add-on bundlesHebrew Master 8.15Hebrew Master, Complete Set of Hebrew Texts/Tools (August 2015)2749.00
Hebrew add-on bundlesHebrew Master 11.15Hebrew Master, Complete Set of Hebrew Texts/Tools (November 2015)2999.00
Hebrew add-on bundlesHebrew Master 06.16Hebrew Master, Complete Set of Hebrew Texts/Tools (June 2016)3449.00
Hebrew add-on bundlesDSS Comp add-onDead Sea Scrolls Complete Texts addon with DSS Index and Images529.00
Hebrew add-on bundlesDSS Complete add-on_15Dead Sea Scrolls Complete Texts Add-on569.00


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