Butler’s Daily Bible Reading (Vol. 2): Sermonettes

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This is the second book in the Daily Bible Reading devotional series. The first book contains a synopsis of each day’s Scripture reading. This book and the third book in this series contain sermonettes from a verse selected from the Scripture reading of each day. The fourth book contains study questions on each days’ scripture readings.

These devotional books are intended to help and encourage people to read through the Bible at least once a year and to read through the Bible with meaning and understanding. No reading is so important as the reading of the Scripture. A daily habit of reading the Scripture is vital to anyone who desires to have a vibrant spiritual life.

The sermonette devotionals in this book are not “feel-good” sentimentalism, but they are expository studies of the Scriptures. They are generally outlined and alliterated in the typical writing style of the author. While the sermonettes are primarily intended to be instructional and inspirational for one’s daily Bible reading, they are also helpful as sermon starters and aids for those giving a devotional.

Daily Bible Reading (Volume 2)
• Author: John G. Butler
• Publisher: LBC Publications

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