Catholic Catechism Latin

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In 1985 the Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, gathered in Rome 25 years after the Vatican II, asked the Pope to prepare a new catechism. First written in French, the Catechism was published in English in 1992. A few years later it underwent a revision. As a result, the official Latin edition was issued in 1997.

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Primary CollectionsCath2-ACatholic Collection 2 CD-ROM-Advanced Level159
Primary CollectionsCath2-ICatholic Collection 2 CD-ROM-Introductory Level99
Primary CollectionsUACath2Catholic Collection 2 – Unlock All209
Primary CollectionsCathCatholic Collection CD-ROM159
Primary CollectionsCath3-ICatholic Collection 3 CD-ROM Introductory Level99
Primary CollectionsCath3-ACatholic Collection 3 CD-ROM Advanced Level159
Primary CollectionsUACath3Catholic Collection 3 CD-ROM Unlock All285
Primary CollectionsCath4-ACatholic Collection 4 Advanced Level179
Primary CollectionsCath4-ICatholic Collection 4 Introductory Level139
Primary CollectionsUACath4Catholic Collection 4 Unlock All299
Primary CollectionsPC-Cath4-ACatholic Collection 4 Advanced Level with disk for PC emulator139.99
Add-on BundlesCatholic Docs GroupCatholic Documents Group49.9


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