Summa Theologica (Aquinas) / February 01, 1947

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St. Thomas Aquinas’ classic synthesis of Biblical teaching, Augustinian theology, and Aristotelian logic was unquestionably the most important theological work of the Middle Ages.

“Written from 1265-1274, the Summa Theologica is St. Thomas Aquinas’ greatest work. Originally written for the ‘instruction of beginners,’ time has shown that all believers can come to learn from this enriching book. Organized systemically for the clearest way of ‘setting forth’ the ‘sacred doctrine,’ Aquinas addresses many of Christianity’s most pertinent questions in this multi-volume work. The First Part of the Summa begins with the existence and nature of God, before moving to creation and the nature of man. The Second Part contains his examination of morality and law; it also provides his account of the theological virtues, the cardinal virtues, and the seven deadly sins. The Third Part, uncompleted due to Aquinas’ death, treats the incarnation and the sacraments. Taken together, the three parts compose one of the most impressive works of Christianity. Indeed, countless people from many centuries have studied and learned from the Summa; it has been widely influential from Aquinas’ own day to the present. Hence, those with a passing inquiry or a serious question, an existential concern or a philosophical problem, can learn much from reading and studying St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica.” – Tim Perrine, CCEL

You may also be interested in Aquinas’ Catena Aurea for a verse-by-verse commentary on Matthew and Mark.

Included in Classic II Group and the Catholic Collection and also available as a “$10 deal” for Easy Install. No credit is given towards a later purchase which includes the module.

• Translators: Fathers of the English Dominican Province

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