Christian’s Pocket Guide to Buddhism (Mark Jones)

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Buddhism has existed for over 2,500 years. Like Christianity it has faced persecution. While it started as mainly an Asian religion it is now beginning to have considerable growth in the west and is the fastest growing religion in Australia and has some two thousand temples in the USA.

If you compare Christianity and Buddhism you will see many contrasts. For example, a Buddhist would not believe in a supreme God who created the universe or in fact anything supernatural. They believe in “making merit”. Christianity talks about communicating the gospel of a loving God who gives mercy, hope, and an exchanged life.

This guide will help you overcome the hurdles and communicate the gospel in a way that Buddhists can understand. So whether you are travelling, or meet a Buddhist in your workplace or next door, this book will be an invaluable tool in this cross-cultural age.

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Buddhism
• Author: Mark Jones
• Publisher: Christian Focus Publications (2010)

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