CNTTS NT Critical Apparatus (3rd Edition): The Center for New Testament Textual Studies NT Critical Apparatus / January 01, 2021

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This textual apparatus is the work of the CNTTS (Center for New Testament Textual Studies). The product covers the entire New Testament.

The product includes a full textual apparatus of the readings of various manuscripts (50 or more per NT book). Search capabilities of the apparatus include isolating the readings for a specific passage, a specific manuscript, several manuscripts at once, or even a specific type of variant (such as additions or omissions of text).

The Third Edition (2021) represents the culmination of a total review of the variation units that began in 2014. This current 2021 release is a major upgrade in that new MSS have been included, corrections have been made to numerous readings and variant divisions, and new coding has been added both to enhance the information for the user and to enable some advanced uses of the database, with some of those uses being present in the update and others on the near-term horizon for implementation.

See article on Critical apparatus and on CNTTS and the Podcast.

This database is a project of the H. Milton Haggard, Center for New Testament Textual Studies (CNTTS), a research center under the auspices of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS).

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  1. Gary Pauley

    It’s too easy and accessible. Whenever I am aware of a textual issue or question I start up CNTTS to peruse the issues involved. Even if I am not aware I take a look over any passage I am preaching, and this tool helps me do it quickly. Sure is easier than squinting my way through the typical apparatus!

  2. (verified owner) Petrus Janse van Rensburg

    I was excited to start using this super detailed scholarly apparatus.

    However, I just had a look at Jude verse 5, one of my favorite verses in terms of Textual Variants,
    and I found that the CNTTS apparatus is extremely unreliable and inaccurate!

    According to the CNTTS, P72 reads “Kurios Kurios”:

    5,παντας,2,4,κυριος (απαξ παντας οτι κυριος κυριος) P72

    However, this is not nearly correct! The actual Papyrus has θς χρς – θεος χριστος – Theos Christos – God Christ!

    See this link for the actual photographs:

    This is a very simple and super serious mistake! The actual manuscript does not even have “Kurios” once, let alone two times!

    How can I trust anything in this apparatus? Anyone with a little logic will know that it will be more than extremely far fetched for that the Word Kurios would occur twice in a row in Jude verse 5. This kind of expression denotes an urgent call for attention, as in Mat. 7:21 “κύριε κύριε”.

    I’m disillusioned! How is this even possible? Did they never check? Or read this with a little common sense?

  3. (verified owner) Petrus Janse van Rensburg

    The same mistake occurs in the same verse (Jude 5) for ms. 1735!!!!!!!!!!

    5,τουτο,2,4,κυριος (απαξ τουτο οτι κυριος κυριος) 1735

    Not only does this not make sense, but NA 28 confirms that this manuscript really reads “κυριος Ιησους”, NOT “κυριος κυριος”!

    What’s the point of having an apparatus if it is so completely inaccurate?

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