Codex Add-on

Prod ID: Codex add-on
Retail: $329.40 / Accordance: $199.00 / Sale Price: $99.90

Complete set of 5 Accordance Greek NT MSS and the GNT Papyri. The texts are fully tagged, displayed in Uncial font with line lengths and the options to hide the spaces and compare the texts with one another.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
Greek BiblesGNT-ALEXCodex Alexandrinus59.9
Greek BiblesGNT-BEZCodex Bezae39.9
Greek BiblesGNT-SICodex Sinaiticus59.9
Greek BiblesGNT-VATCodex Vaticanus59.9
Greek BiblesGNT-WASCodex Washingtonianus39.9
Greek BiblesGNTPAP-CGNT Papyri69.9
Accessory ModulesGNTPAP-MGNTPAP-M0
Accessory ModulesGNTPAP-M NotesGNTPAP-M Notes0


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