N.T. Wright Collection of Five (5) Works from Fortress Press

Prod ID: NTW Fortress 5 Bundle
Retail: $261.50 / Accordance: $249.00

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This bundle contains five works by N.T. Wright published by Fortress Press:

  • Collection of 35 years worth of essays and articles on the Apostle Paul
  • Volumes 1-4 of the Christian Origins and the Question of God series
    • The New Testament and the People of God
    • Jesus and the Victory of God
    • Resurrection of the Son of God
    • Paul and the Faithfulness of God

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
WritingsNTW-Jesus & VictoryJesus and the Victory of God (N.T. Wright)39.90
WritingsNTW-NT & PeopleNew Testament and the People of God, The (N.T. Wright)39.90
WritingsNTW-Paul & FaithfulnessPaul and the Faithfulness of God (N.T. Wright)79.90
WritingsNTW-Pauline PerspectivesPauline Perspectives: Essays on Paul, 1978-2013 (N.T. Wright)61.90
WritingsNTW-ResurrectionResurrection of the Son of God, The (N.T. Wright)39.90


  1. Ukfraser

    I first came across jesus and the victory of God while researching an assignment during my training. Since then i have been fortunate to hear tom speak at a number of conferences. The thing that struck me both with this book and hearing him is how well structured each sentence is and in the case of these volumes, i find i need to reread each sentence to fully unpack the information contained.

    These are not light reads, they are incredibly well written and well structured and need quality time and plenty of coffee to mine the information. While i prefer to read from my ipad, having bought the first three volumes as paperback long before accordance, i have not been able to justify purchasing them again for accordance. However, since getting accordance i resisted getting the volumes on paul in the hope that they would eventually come to accordance and my patience was rewarded and i now have these on my ipad.
    If you have only come across tom through his everyone series, prepare for a major shift in style. These are detailed well structured and insightful volumes that require concentration but will keep on giving up their treasures with each reading.

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