Comprehensive Bible Cross References

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Biblical and Extra-Biblical Cross-Reference System:
This unique set of modules includes the Comprehensive Index for each verse of the Old and New Testament listing parallels from the Apocrypha, Dead Sea Scrolls, Dhammapada, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Josephus, Nag Hammadi Library, New Testament Apocrypha, Patristic Fathers, Philo, Plato, Pseudepigrapha, Pythagoras, Tacitus, Talmud.  Over 40,000 parallels and extracts are listed in the most extensive reference index for para-canonical literature ever created.

It also includes:

  • Old Testament cross-references to these works.
  • An accurate and readable translation of the New Testament.
  • Reverse cross-reference modules that scroll in parallel with the Accordance Apostolic Fathers, Josephus, Philo, and Qumran modules.
  • Links to other original texts available in Accordance.

Comprehensive Bible Cross References
Biblical and Extra-Biblical Cross-Reference System
• Editors: T. E. Clontz, J. Clontz
Publisher: Cornerstone Publications (2011)

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
English BiblesCNTComprehensive New TestamentN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesAF CrossrefsAF CrossrefsN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesCNT NotesComprehensive New Testament NotesN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesJosephus CrossrefsJosephus CrossrefsN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesPhilo CrossrefsPhilo CrossrefsN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesQumran CrossrefsQumran CrossrefsN/A

Where to Find

Comprehensive Bible Cross References is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsCollection11-EssentialEssential Collection (Accordance 11)499.00
Primary CollectionsUASc9.5Unlock All Scholar’s Collection 9.53800.00
Primary CollectionsCollection11-AdvancedAdvanced Collection (Accordance 11)999.00
Primary CollectionsCollection11-UltimateUltimate Collection (Accordance 11)1999.00
Primary CollectionsDev-SuperDeveloping Countries Package – Super199.00
Primary CollectionsDev-Super_13Developing Countries Package – Super with Accordance 13199.00
Primary CollectionsColl12-GrHebDiscoverGreek & Hebrew Discoverer Collection (Accordance 12)399.00
Primary CollectionsColl13-GrHebDiscoverGreek & Hebrew Discoverer Collection449
Primary BundlesWS Crossover13Preacher/Teacher Reference Library Bundle (Previously the Wordsearch Crossover)699
Academic BundlesCollection11-Essential_16Essential Collection (Accordance 11)499.00
Academic BundlesCollection11-Advanced_16Advanced Collection (Accordance 11)999.00
Academic BundlesCollection11-Ultimate_16Ultimate Collection (Accordance 11)1999.00
Academic BundlesCollection11-OrigLangOriginal Languages Collection (Accordance 11)299.00
Academic BundlesAB-Green1_13Academic Collection Green – Level 1400.00
Academic BundlesAB-Columbia_BiblicalColumbia Biblical Seminary Collection (Accordance 14)450.00
Academic BundlesAB-Green1_12Academic Bundle Green – Level 1 (Accordance 12)400.00


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